Launching a new blog

As a teacher, I pride myself on being a lifelong learner. So here I am, learning about creating my own blog as I go. I’ve thought about it for a long time, and I’m finally pushing up against my own self-imposed deadlines. I was a rule-following student, and I know it helps me to set boundaries so that I can get things done!

I’ve asked myself why I’m pushing myself to do this. It certainly is sucking up a lot of my time in this early phase of the learning curve as I stumble and figure things out! One of my primary reasons is to formalize reflections on my own teaching and learning. I read a lot – professional books, lots of other education bloggers, and kidlit, in addition to “regular” grown up reading. In my reading, I continue to notice the importance of taking time to reflect. I provide time and support for my students to reflect on what they’ve learned and what their goals are. Now it’s time to create that space for myself. Thinking ahead to the upcoming school year, doing more reflection will be one of my professional development goals.

I could just do this privately in an old-school journal, and that would still be helpful. Keeping a blog adds layers of benefits that I look forward to reaping. By blogging, I open my thoughts and reflections to the input of others, who may have additional points that I hadn’t considered or even experience that would help me out. I appreciate being a connected teacher, and I’m striving to increase the online network that I have through this electronic journal. Finally, my school is encouraging teachers to maintain digital portfolios to document professional growth. I hope to include photos and lesson ideas here in addition to written reflections.

I’m modeling for my students and their families what it means to be a lifelong learner, to take a risk and try something new. When my students stumble, I am able to be there to empathize with fresh emotions from my own mistakes as well as hope and encouragement to see through the challenges.